Serge Benhayon – An Inspiring Presenter

Serge Benhayon
How can you write an article about a man who has affected your life in so many different ways?

Since meeting Serge Benhayon in 2005 my life has changed dramatically. You could look at photographs of me in 2005 and now in 2017 and see some obvious differences: first of all you would see that I’m half the size that I was, not in height but in terms of weight, and the heaviness that has gone is emotional as well as physical as I have gradually de-stressed my life.

Serge lives in a way that is very healthy psychologically as well as physically and all his presentations are an explanation of how he lives and what he knows about the world and us in it. He is a teacher, a philosopher and a religious leader, but not in the way you might think. The religion he presents and lives, The Way of The Livingness, is for all of humanity and is based on a lineage known as the Ageless Wisdom. It is an ancient way that touches on our relationships, how we eat, drink and sleep, every aspect of our lives.

Without repeating word for word what I have heard him say over the last 12 years, I can say that it has changed my perception of what happens in relationships and the choices that we make. It has given me greater understanding of what is happening in my body when I am ill. It has enabled me to take responsibility for everything that happens in my life because now I know that everything around me is a reflection of every single choice I have ever made. This is borne out by the fact that as I have taken greater care of my body and opened myself up to love I am now at the age of 67 in a new country and in a new relationship.

Not only does Serge present information that is relevant to each one of us as individuals, he also explains what is happening on a world wide scale and his presentations are all encompassing, by that I mean they apply to all of us, all of humanity. From this I am beginning to understand how the way I live affects all of humanity, and that is inspiring me to take even more care of how tenderly I can breathe, speak and move.

He presents in the UK and Australia through talks, group workshops and healing courses and is a prolific author, having written 9 books with more in the pipeline. One of the most recent projects Serge has embarked on is presenting an Internet-based TV series, Serge Benhayon TV.

In each episode, Serge is interviewed by Rebecca Asquith or Professor William Foley and he talks about men and women, domestic violence, intelligence, the way we live and many other aspects of our lives. This has made his teachings more accessible on a world-wide scale so that anyone with access to the Internet can hear him speak. The initiative is supported by a team of dedicated professionals.

The way Serge Benhayon presents is by first of all treating us as absolute equals, because he knows that we all have access to the same information through our own bodies, and he is constantly reminding us that he is not special, just making different choices.

The second thing that makes Serge Benhayon an inspiring presenter is that he absolutely lives what he presents, he walks his talk and he talks his walk – he speaks truth with an authority that resonates deep within all of us. Many of his audience have commented that it ‘feels like coming home’.

Some people don’t like what Serge presents because they can feel they are not living that way and don’t want to change, and he respects that. For me it is an absolute truth, I don’t always choose the healthy option, sometimes I resist changing my ways, but when I do honour what feels true for myself within, I feel great.

No matter what choices we make, Serge Benhayon consistently holds all equally and never gives up on anyone. He is always supportive, and for me he is the most inspiring presenter I know and I always look forward to his events.

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