Esoteric Healing

We are all familiar with the word ‘Healing’ and depending on our interests it may have many meanings: our bodies ‘heal’ from wounds and Jesus ‘healed the sick’. If we have been into the New Age there are hundreds of different healing therapies using words, sound, crystals, prayer, invocations, trees, breath, hands on, hands off, movement, meditation, water, muscle bending, you name it, somebody invented it. Healing is usually assumed to mean making something get ‘better’, often assumed to be by the application of an external force or influence from a ‘Healer’.

This is where the word ‘Esoteric’ comes in; its simplest meaning is ‘innermost’ that is, what is within us, our own bodies, physically and energetically.

Esoteric Healing is the application of a science in which a person is inspired to release all the energetic blocks that are getting in the way of them expressing in full the multidimensional being that they innately and naturally are. It applies the fact of everything being energy affecting everything in the body and that if any part of the body is not working in harmony, then the whole person is affected. It works with energy knowing that every part of the body relates to an aspect of a person’s life because our feelings, emotions, experiences, behaviours and choices energetically affect certain parts of the body.

The body can be read by an experienced Esoteric Practitioner who gently lays their hands on the fully clothed body. That offers an opportunity for developing awareness and then the healing is done after the session by the client themselves, because it is always the client’s choice how much they can let go and how they live after each EsotericHealing session.

Esoteric Healing is not a new ‘fad’; there is a long history of Esoteric Healing from the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Persians, Essenes, Cathars, and more recently, the students of Universal Medicine.

I was one of those New Age seekers, dabbling in homoeopathy, kinesiology, Tai Chi, Rebirthing, Reiki and ‘Spiritual’ healing therapies as a client but nothing truly helped me. It was not until 2005 when I met Serge Benhayon and embarked on the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses with Universal Medicine that I felt a huge difference in my life. I found receiving Esoteric Healing very relaxing and calming and I felt able to let go of many old patterns of behaviour that had been leaving me stressed and exhausted for most of my life.

I became more aware of how we can harm people by energetically imposing ourselves on them, physically with our touch and our presence and also with the way we speak in harsh or angry tones. As a practitioner-in-training I found that breathing gently helped me to connect deep within my own body before tenderly laying my hands on anyone

I also learned the importance of how I was living 24/7 because that affected the energy I presented to any client. The Way of The Livingness is a continuing process of refining how we are living and I have become much more aware of myself throughout my day as well as how I go to sleep, it is an all-encompassing way of being. The ‘esoteric’ side to this is living connected to our innermost and using what we feel inside as guidance rather than allowing our minds to run the show. Having spent most of my life thinking and being intellectual, I found this a challenge, but I appreciate the wisdom of my body for it always knows Truth, it never lies.

As a client of Esoteric Healing, I have found the sessions truly supportive. My body is fully trusting of the process and as soon as I lay down on the table I surrender. It wasn’t always like that. Before I used to live in a very buzzy way and even lying down my mind would be busy with millions of different thoughts. Gradually over time I have been able to feel my body from deep within and let my mind be with my body and I can relax.

Before Universal Medicine I was of the opinion that I was somehow ‘wrong’ and needed ‘fixing’ but with Esoteric Healing I am learning to feel the equal being of light that we all are inside, and to see how we have all dulled ourselves with layers of protection. What Esoteric Healing supports us to do is to let go of those layers and let our light shine through in full.

It is a beautiful therapy for men and women of all ages. Esoteric Healing is supporting us in our return to our former glory.

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